3 Switched Colors LED Auxiliary Light-DB2

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It is a special designed auxiliary light with 3 colors that can be easily switched.  6500K, 4200K and 2500K provide full vision no matter for the daytime and night time driving, or bad weather conditions. There is an additional option of angel eye as a daytime running light. Besides the high output, the DB2 auxiliary light passed strict quality tests and is more than robust that can be against with harsh environment.

1.High Brightness

BRIGHTSTARTW insist on using high performance chip and top quality components to ensure the best brightness efficacy. Under the thoughtful design, each parts of the light go through strictly circle temperature tests in 65 ℃ environment for 7 days according to SAE J575 regulation.


2.Robust For Harsh Environment

It is designed as an auxiliary light for harsh environment, like adventure driving or off-road explore. The aluminum housing with thicken polycarbonate lens, and stainless steel mounting bracket are all prepared for standing out of the special use.

It also passes the highest standard vibration test and seal test according SAE J575 regulation. It can be said that this light is robust just like a tank of vehicles.



3.Flat Lens Avoid Dust / Snow Accumulation

On the light, there is a small design detail worth to be noted. The lens and the housing frame are completely flat. This detail-oriented design can avoid any snow/ dust accumulation on front of the light, in order to keep the light illumination performs at the best situation all the way.


4. Extra Angel Eye Design.

We also make an extra design of angle eye, not only for cool look but for daytime running as well. Their job is not to help the driver see the road but to help other road users see the vehicle. Therefore, it increases the driving safety.


5.3-Color LED Auxiliary Light, Switch Easily To Meet Different Needs For Adverse Weather Condition.


This special auxiliary light designed with innovative idea, that a driving light can be used during day & night, even when we accidently met a heavy rain, or fog or other adverse condition. There are 3 color temperatures in one light, 2500K, 4200K and 6500K. 4200K and 6500K are for daytime driving and night time driving. When fog or other bad weather condition, 2500K light will make you visible and safe driving.





LED Chip Wattage 30W
Inside Chip BSTW Premium Technology
Color Temperature / Luminous Flux (Raw Lumens) 2500K 1600LM/4200K 3000LM/6500K 1600LM (Chip)
Input Voltage Standard DC9-30V / Halo Design (Angel Eyes) DC 12V only
Weatherproof IP68
Housing Die Cast Aluminum
Mounting Material Stainless Steel
Version Standard/Halo Design (Angel Eyes)
Operating Temperature -20℃~+60℃


DB2 Package
24 Boxes in one carton One carton
N.W. : 18 kgs.
G.W. : 19.4 kgs.
0.07 CBM
( 44*34*46 CM )


WHAT’S IN THE BOXOne Lights / Stainless Steel Mounting Bracket Kit

Led Light For Motorbike Emark DB2 30W AUX. Light ( 3 Colors )

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