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motorcycle led kits led 9.1 fanless type
headlight led light led 9.1 fanless type

Best LED Conversion Kit LED 9.1 H7 – Factory Directly Shipping

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  • The Best LED Conversion Kit LED 9.1 light distribution match with original Halogen bulbs.
  • The accurate beam of passed Japan vehicle inspection.
  • Without fan designed smart cooling system to keep the bulb cool for best efficiency light output & longer lifetime.
  • The two-way adjustable heat sink make install problems can be easily solved.
  • For cars, motorcycle, quad, commercial vehicles & UTV/ATV.
1. Best LED Conversion Kit & Best Light Distribution Matches Original Halogen Bulb

led conversion kit and motorcycle led running lights led 9.1 beam pattern comparison

2. ECE Compliant Beam Pattern And Japan Car Inspection Passed

It is designed according to ECE/FMVSS 108 requirements on beam pattern, benefits the vision of safe driving as best replacement bulb for both drivers & opposite. Besides, it passed Japan vehicle inspection as well. There is a variation in the cut-off line. About 290,000 cd has come out in this test and it is very bright.

led conversion kit led headlamp bulbs passed japan inspection

3. Compact & Easy Install Two-Way Heat Sink

The only Two-Way Adjustable Heat Sink & Chuck Angle led conversion kit. In the market For Solve Install Problem.

motorcycle headlight led conversion heat sink twisted

4. Error Free & Anti-Interference Built-In Design

Most powerful function of warning canceller & anti-noise built-in design, make the LED headlight can be compatible for working on almost 90% auto, motorcycle and commercial vehicles.

5. Flexible & Easy Installation.

The led conversion kit bulb is joined a replaceable driver in the smallest size that can be installed easily in limited space.

motorcycle spot light of led 9.1 comparison p brand x3


More Detail Of LED 9.1 With H4 Model, Kindly Check The Link As Below:


LED 9.1 H7 Spec.
30 W
Model (Single) H7, H8/H9/H11, H10, H12, 9005(HB3), 9006(HB4), 9012
Inside Chip High Quality LED chip
Luminous Flux 4500LM+5% (Chip)
Input Voltage
9V~18V DC (Single)
Color Temperature 6000K+500K
Operating Temperature -20℃~+60℃


led spotlights motorcycle size for led 9.1

Bulb Model 12V 24V 10-80V AC/DC A B C
LED9.1 H4(9003) 52mm 50mm 38mm
LED9.1 H7   52mm 47mm 37mm
LED9.1 H8   52mm 44mm 40mm
LED9.1 H9   52mm 44mm 40mm
LED9.1 H11   52mm 44mm 40mm
LED9.1 H10   52mm 51mm 33mm
LED9.1 H12   52mm 51mm 33mm
LED9.1 9005(HB3)   52mm 51mm 33mm
LED9.1 9006(HB4)   52mm 51mm 33mm
LED9.1 9012(HIR2)   52mm 51mm 33mm
Includes: 2 pcs bulbs, 2 pcs drivers, 1 manual & cable tie


led spotlights motorcycle led 9.1 beam pattern comparison with halogen

BRIGHTSTARTW LED 9.1 Bulbs Have Clear Cut-Off And Hot Spot That Meets The Requirement Of ECE & FMVSS 108 (DOT) Regulation.


Gets the Lux value during test at same position for both bulbs.
Type Input Voltage Input Current LUX
50V 75R 50R
P Brand Halogen 13.5V 4.57A 900 1900 2000
BSTW LED9.1 13.5V 1.6A 1600 3500 1500

led conversion kit beam pattern comparison

Furthermore, LED 9.1 Turns Out That The Car Inspection In Japan Passes Without Problems. There Is A Variation In The Cut-Off Line. About 290,000 Cd Has Come Out In This Test And It Is Very Bright.

led passed car inspection of led conversion kit

LED 9.1 Package
20 Boxes in one carton One carton
N.W.: 8 Kg / G.W.: 9 Kg
0.04 CBM
( 38*29*32 CM )




BRIGHTSTARTW LED11 LED Lights AUTO Race Lights H4 Road Test

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