LED Aux Lights For Motorcycle DB 7

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  • Multi-Function Light (LED Aux Light / Fog Light)
  • Yellow Color Auxiliary light / Fog Light
  • Safe & Robust
1.Multi-Function Light (LED Aux Light / Fog Light)
  • There are two practical usages of these Led aux lights for motorcycle.
  • Installing them at the Both sides of the Motorcycle Fork can be used as led aux light to gain more vision.
  • DB 7 provides 2000 Lumen amazing high light outputs to complement and supplement the main headlamp.
  • You can also install these Auxiliary light at the Both sides of the Motorcycle Tires as Fog Lights
  • It allows riders to see more Clearly the road conditions on the ground and ahead during day and night and poor weather.


2. Yellow Color Auxiliary Light / Fog Light
  • Super Cool Looking DB 7 Aux Light / Fog Light make your motorcycle with real style and characteristics.
  • Led aux lights for motorcycle With Yellow Lens is a good way to get yellow light on a shoestring budget.
  • But if pursuing better lighting quality, you can’t miss DB 7 led aux light which is absolutely your premium choice.
  • During snow, sleet, rain, and fog, water droplets will reflect motorcycle’s light back into rider’s eye and make rider a real driving hazard.
  • Yellow Light against the snow or fog is less frustrating and less tired for the eyes than blue or white shades.
  • Yellow Light DB 7 is easy to comprehend by human eye to improve visibility, especially in bad weather conditions and increase safety.


3. Safe & Robust!
  • The most powerful led aux light offers riders Longer beam range and ensures the safety of oncoming traffic driver.
  • Motorcycle’s electrical system can easily handle the load of 19 wattage 1.58 amperage most energy-saving Auxiliary light!
  • Professional Optical Design DB 7 makes more lights where you need and brings you 2000 Lumen high light output.
  • 2 inch compact size Led aux lights for motorcycle can be installed for confined spaces much easily.
  • DB 7 aux light features extremely robust CNC Aluminum Housing and IP 68 Waterproof and Anti-Corrosion Protection.

LED Aux Lights For Motorcycle DB 7-SIZE


QUALITY ASSURANCE Based on SAE J575 Standards

S14.4.2.3 Heat Test
S14.5.1 Vibration Test
S14.6.6.3 Temperature Cycle Test
S14.6.9 Sealing Test
Salt Spraying Test(ASTM B117-73)

Temperature testing for CREE LED Driving Lights Motorbike





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Inside Chip 19W
Color Temperature 3000 K±500K
Luminous Flux (Raw Lumens) 2000 LM(Chip)
Input Voltage 9V~30V DC
Weatherproof IP68
Housing CNC Machined Aluminum Housing
Mounting Material Stainless Steel
Beam Angle Narrow Spot Beam
Operating Temperature -20℃~+60℃


Darkbuster 7 Package
12 Boxes in one carton One carton
N.W. :
G.W. : 12 kgs.
0.04 CBM
( 43*34*29 CM )


WHAT’S IN THE BOXTwo Lights / Stainless Steel Mounting Bracket Kit / Accessory Kit(Screw, Washer and Hexagon Key)

[LAB Testing] Motorbike Driving Lights-Emark DB5 Sealing Test

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