LED Boat Spotlights E-MARK DB3

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  • LED boat spotlights Darkbuster 3 comes ultra-high brightness.
  • Excellent EMC Design of led boat spotlights can easily overcome EMC difficulties for you. Won’t interfere with electronic devices.
  • These best boat spotlights with Corrosion Resistant & Maximum Durability are your best solution for motorcycles, UTVs, and even marine applications.
  • Led boat spotlights are special design for demands of long-range & tight spotlight with CREE chip.
  • Outstanding brightness with strong light penetration. Brighter and gives off a more even light.
  • The boat spotlights lights with the highest Lumen Output LED Aux. light for the harshest environments.

led boat spotlights DB3


No Dust/Snow accumulation on Flat Polycarbonate Front LENS

boat spotlights with the design of lenses that are flat Polycarbonate, while driving or riding for a long period of time or during the snowing season, it will have no Dust/Snow Accumulation on the lens.

60W LED Boat Spotlights E-MARK DB3

More sturdy Electro-Thermal Separation Desing
  • Boat spotlights Darkbuster 3 chip is separate with driver instead of driver on-board; these can reduce the heat of the AUX light.
  • Best boat spotlights more strong and sturdy & also brighter for sailing a long time, also during the various weather.
  • Led boat spotlights have the 20% Rapid Cooling, 30% Brightness. Super bright for safe sailing all the time.

led boat spotlights DB3


Super durable & Robust for harsh environments in BRIGHTSTARTW laboratory

Led boat spotlights are extremely suitable for longtime use. No matter on territorial waters, salt corrosion, steam, or other external erosion are the problems the lights have to be faced. That’s why the RD team of BRIGHTSTARTW’s create the marine spotlight for the boat with waterproofed IP 68, all mounting brackets are stainless steel and besides, we test the lights according to the highest standard SAE J575 regulation which includes:

  • Heat Test 
  • Vibration Test
  • Temperature Cycle Test
  • Sealing Test 
  • Salt Spraying & corrosion Test

A light goes through such a strict series tests, is all prepared for standing out of the special use for marine boats.

Temperature testing for CREE led boat spotlights Motorbike


For More Info About Boat Spot Light DARKBUSTER Series, Click The Bottom As Below:

LED Boat Spotlights E-MARK DB3 SPEC

Inside Chip Cree XML-U2 / 60W
Color Temperature 6000K±500K
Luminous Flux (Raw Lumens) 6000LM(Chip)
Input Voltage Standard DC10-60V / Halo Design (Angel Eyes) DC 12V only
Weatherproof IP68
Housing Die Cast Aluminum Housing
Mounting Material Stainless Steel
Version Standard/Halo Design (Angel Eyes)
Operating Temperature -20℃~+60℃

Boat Spotlights E-MARK DB3 Package
10 Boxes in one carton One carton
N.W. : 13 kgs.
G.W. : 14.4 kgs.
0.07 CBM
( 44*34*46 CM )


WHAT’S IN THE BOXOne Lights / Stainless Steel Mounting Bracket Kit

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