Marine Boat Spotlight Multi-Color DB M1

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Darkbuster M1 is an innovative LED marine boat spotlight. It emits at least 3000 lm brightness light to make the best vision on the area no matter daytime or nighttime. In 5.4 inches size, it can be the main light to guide the way, see and to be seen clearly. The most fabulous and attractive feature of the boat spotlight is 3 colors are integrated into 1 light. 6500 K spotlight, 2500 K yellow and 4200 K combo thus easily make your sailing smooth & safe no matter the weather is sunny, rainy, or foggy. For sure, IP 68 is absolutely necessary for a voyage.


For getting a smooth & safe sailing, a bright, durable & long lifespan marine boat spotlight is necessary.

High output with a specific radiating design

With the high-quality chip that BRIGHTSTARTW patent technology, the marine boat spotlight performs at least 3000 lm brightness which is definitely significant for a safe sea/lake voyage. Specially designed a separated driver largely reducing the core temperature and make 2 times strong heat dissipating, ensuring the light won’t be getting dark due to the heat increasing, and make the lifespan getting longer as well.

E mark marine boat spotlight cree chip

3 color easily switch to deal with different weather conditions 

We also make an extra design of angle eye, not only for cool look but for daytime running as well. Their job is not to help the driver see the road but to help other road users see the vehicle. Therefore, it increases the driving safety.


Marine boat spotlight Multi-color DB M1 3 color easily switch


  • 2500 K yellow light has the best light penetration if the weather turns to be rainy or foggy.
  • 6500 K spotlight is just like sunlight and best to use and call attention during sunny daytime.
  • 4200 K combo is a soft and comfortable light during the nighttime.

However, you can choose a light according to the different situations & your likes.


Super durable & Robust for harsh environments

For longtime use on territorial waters, salt corrosion, steam & other external erosion are the problems the lights have to be faced. BRIGHTSTARTW’s marine boat spotlight is waterproofed IP 68, all mounting brackets are stainless steel and beside, we test the lights according to the highest standard SAE J575 regulation which includes:

  • Heat Test
  • Vibration Test
  • Temperature Cycle Test
  • Sealing Test
  • Salt Spraying & corrosion Test

Because the lights go through such a strict series tests, they all prepared for standing out of the special use for marine boats.


Temperature testing for CREE LED Driving Lights Motorbike



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Marine boat spotlight Multi-color DB M1 SPEC

LED Chip Wattage 55W
Inside Chip BSTW Premium Technology
Color Temperature / Luminous Flux (Raw Lumens) 2500K 3000LM/4200K 6000LM/6500K 3000LM (Chip)
Input Voltage Standard DC9-30V / Halo Design (Angel Eyes) DC 12V only
Weatherproof IP68
Housing Die Cast Aluminum
Mounting Material Stainless Steel
Version Standard/Halo Design (Angel Eyes)
Operating Temperature -20℃~+60℃


Marine boat spotlight Multi-color DB M1 SIZE

Marine boat spotlight Multi-color DB M1 Package
10 Boxes in one carton One carton
N.W. : 13 kgs.
G.W. : 14.4 kgs.
0.07 CBM
( 44*34*46 CM )


WHAT’S IN THE BOXOne Lights / Stainless Steel Mounting Bracket Kit

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