Handlebar Mount Bike Headlight Bracket (Type C)

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  • Handlebar Mount Type C is super easy to use.
  • Tough and Lightweight
  • Anodizing Treatment, Robust and Durable

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1. Handlebar Mount Type C Is Super Easy To Use
  • Handlebar Mount Type C fits almost any bar and it also works great on E-Bikes.
  • You can quickly Mount to any 31.8 mm / 25.4 mm / 22.2 mm handlebar or bar.
  • The Kit comes with 2 molded rubber cushion (22.2 mm & 25.4 mm), it can increase the mounts grip on the handlebar and also to prevent rotation during possible vibration.
  • Easily transfer to different E-bikes in minutes.

Handlebar Mount Bike Headlight Bracket (Type C) (2)


2. Tough And Lightweight
  • We use a much more expensive materials and manufacturing processes than most other mounts.
  • The entire mount is made by a whole piece of high strength Metal,(instead of plastic), so it is very robust and extremely durable.
  • Type C is not only tough but lightweight.

Handlebar Mount Bike Headlight Bracket (Type C) SIZE



3. Anodizing Treatment, Robust And Durable
  • The sleek black Type C blends seamlessly into the original E-Bike’s Design.
  • Type C anodizing process, dust, sand, dirt and UV light and corrosion resistance increases and its appearance retains for longer.
  • Type C will hold up to the rigors of even the toughest outdoor conditions. It will not degrade , crack or become brittle from the sun like plastic mounts will.


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Handlebar Mount Bike Headlight Bracket (Type C) Package
Packaging Bag SIZE W11XH15.5CM

Handlebar Mount Bike Headlight Bracket C


Mount Clamp 31.8mm X1 / Plus hex bolt M6 (20mm) X1 / Hex socket screw (10mm) X1 / M5 spring washer X1 & M5 washer X1

Clamp Shim 22.2mm X1 & 25.4mm X1 / Middle Stand Bracket X1 / Hex Key X1 / M6 Spring Washer X1 & M6 Washer X1 / Cap Nuts X1

Electric Bike Front Light E-MARK EMC Approval

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