Slipcover Set For Aux. Lights (For DB5/DB6 Use)

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Slipcover Set for Aux. Lights:

BRIGHTSTARTW creates a smart solution to meet your Multiple requests.

Clear lens protect the internal components of our lights when you ride on the rugged and rocky road.

Yellow color lens let our DB Series Aux Light become amber lamp within 3 seconds and also offer you the best visibility while riding.

Blue lens is unique and highly visible to give your motorcycle a cool sporty look anytime and anywhere.

Installed, removed and storage are so easy.

1. Slipcover Set For Aux. Lights Is Easier To Use And Carry.

The set includes strong silicon slip-on housings and yellow lens. It is very lightweight, can be stocked in the storage box. Also it’s very easy fitment into the covers. You can check on the video below, see how to install slip-on cover on your light? you’ll easily get it! 



2.Offer You The Best Visibility In Weather

Many of motorists like white driving light when them riding during night time. But there’re some situations such as fog, dust time or other harsh environment, will need amber light to increase the visibility. Don’t worry, you don’t need to install one more auxiliary light. Because our prepared Slipcover set for Aux. Lights can make the white light into amber quick and easy. It is easy to install and remove within 3 seconds. Even it can be installed at the side of the road. With the Slipcover set, our DARKBUSTER series LED Aux Light can have both white and amber lighting in one Aux. Light. It can offer you the best visibility and conspicuous in changing weather conditions.

we provide two different colors for your options:

Yellow is for the changing whether or condition.

Blue is just for cool!

slip cover set

slipcover set installation before and after



If You Have DB 7 On Your Hand, You Might Need This One Below

Slipcover Set For Aux. Lights Package
Packaging Bag SIZE W11XH15.5CM

package of slip cover set

WHAT’S IN THE BAGBlack Front Cover x1 / Lens x1


[LAB Testing] Motorbike Driving Lights-Emark DB5 Sealing Test

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