Motorcycle LED Indicator E-MARK DB 6
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E mark motorbike driving lights DB6 Turn Signal
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Leds for motorcycle Emark DB 6 Turn Signal
Motorcycle LED Indicator E-MARK DB 6
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Motorcycle LED Indicator E-MARK DB 6

SKU: D20619011P Category:

  • Multi-Functional DB 6 LED Aux Light / Turn Signal in one light.
  • Backup Turn Signal Design can replace the stock Turn Signal on your bike.
  • R113+R50+R10 E-MARK Approval

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NEW!!  Automatic LED Sub-Auxiliary Light…COMING SOON!


Automatic LED Sub-Auxiliary Light


Super Rad 2 In 1 Multi-Functional Motorcycle LED Indicator

BRIGHTSTARTW is bold in blazing new trails and always develop unique and qualified products continually. The structure of our DARKBUSTER 6 combined Aux Light with Turn Signal is a monumental and innovation driving light design, without precedent in world history. Such Multi-Functional DARKBUSTER 6 is the powerful moto lights in the market. No one can match it.

Motorcycle LED Indicator E-MARK DB 6 New size



Street Legal ECE R50 Approved: Most Advanced Motorcycle  LED  Indicator : Backup Turn Signal Design 
  • Our DARKBUSTER 6 driving light also has the most outstanding backup Turn Signal Design can help others to see you clearly and easily when you want to turn or change lanes.
  • Besides that, you can also use our DARKBUSTER 6 Turn Signal Design in place of the original turn signal if you would like to streamline the equipment on your bike.
  • Heavy riders should not miss such multifunctional LED auxiliary lights for motorcycle DARKBUSTER 6. It’s a bigger bang for your buck.


Motorcycle LED Indicator E-MARK DB 6 Driving Lights



EMC-Compliant(ECE-R10) With Excellent Anti-Interference Design
  • DARKBUSTER 6 moto lights Design has passed R10 TUV E-MARK approval.
  • Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) includes Radiated interference and Immunity to interference.
  • DARKBUSTER 6 auxiliary lights for motorcycle with the best Anti-Interference Design can guarantee absolute functional safety in all application situations




Workable With Slip On Cover Set For The Best Visibility In Weather
  • 3 Seconds make motorcycle led indicator DB 6 from white driving light become amber Aux. light.
  • Our Optional Slip On Cover Set is easily installed and removed on the side of the road! The black slip-on covers with yellow colored lenses can increase visibility for you and help others to see you while riding in weather.
  • The compact and functional design also serves as a Amber driving light for convenient storage and access; they won’t take up much space at your motorcycle top box.

Slip-On Cover Set for Best Motorcycle LED Light



Most Robust Driving Light Is The Ideal Solution For Harsh Environment
  • DARKBUSTER 6 LED moto lights Design has passed R113+R50+R10 TUV E-MARK approval and the most rigorous Quality testing and gained highly comment from our European / USA / Japan major brand customers.
  • The most rigorous Quality testing include integrating sphere test, aging test, photometric test, spraying test, salt spray test, vibration test, sealing test and temperature cycle & Humidity Test…etc.
  • So that DARKBUSTER 6 auxiliary lights for motorcycle can handle vibration and shock from the roughest terrain and survive at the rugged and harsh environment.




QUALITY ASSURANCE Based on SAE J575 Standards

S14.4.2.3 Heat Test
S14.5.1 Vibration Test
S14.6.6.3 Temperature Cycle Test
S14.6.9 Sealing Test
Salt Spraying Test(ASTM B117-73)

Temperature testing for CREE LED Driving Lights Motorbike

DB5 & DB6 QA-2




motorcycle-headlight-brackets-for-l-type-plate-bracket Motorcycle Headlight Brackets Premium 13-27 mm motorcycle-headlight-holder-standard-a-20-35-mm

headlight-mounting-bracket-standard-b-28-32-mm slipcover-set-for-aux-lights-for-db5-db6-use motorcycle-wiring-harness-kit-standard



For More Info About Motorcycle Lights Series, Click The Bottom As Below:

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Inside Chip Aux Light:Cree / 19W
Turn Signal:Taiwan Highlight Chip
Color Temperature Aux Light:6000K±500K
Turn Signal:1800K±500K
Luminous Flux (Raw Lumens) Aux Light:2000LM(Chip)
Turn Signal:500LM(Chip)
Input Voltage 12V / 12~120VDC (OPTIONAL)
Weatherproof IP68
Housing CNC Machined Aluminum Housing
Mounting Material Stainless Steel
Beam Angle Narrow Spot Beam
Operating Temperature -20℃~+60℃

How To Install ?

Connection of 19 W CREE Motorcycle LED Driving SPOT light

Connecetion of 19W DB6 Motorcycle LED Driving Spot Light

Connecetion of LED Driving Light 19W Motorcycle Motorbike ATV DB6

DARKBUSTER 6 Driving Light With R113+R10+R50 TUV E-MARK Approval

Why auxiliary lights for motorcycle with R113+R50+R10 E-MARK approval are so important?

  • In fact, if the lights’ quality is good enough to meet the ECE regulation, manufacturers can get E-MARK approval easily.
  • It costs around only USD10, 000 for each certification.
  • The definition of ECE R112 & R113 & R50 & R10 is as below for your reference.
The Economic Commission For Europe Of The United Nations (UN/ECE) —Uniform Provisions Concerning

Contents Of Regulation No 10the approval of vehicles with regard to electromagnetic compatibility

Contents Of Regulation No 50the approval of front position lamps, rear position lamps, stop lamps, direction indicators and rear-registration-plate illuminating devices for vehicles of category L

Regulation No 112the approval of motor vehicle headlamps emitting an asymmetrical passing beam or a driving beam or both and equipped with filament lamps and/or light-emitting diode (LED) modules

Regulation No 113the approval of motor vehicle headlamps emitting a symmetrical passing-beam or a driving beam or both and equipped with filament, gas-discharge light sources or LED modules

The led fog light yellow with spotlight has passed Brightness Performance, Light Distribution Performance, and Stability Test and get R113 TUV E-MARK Approval,

Meanwhile, the lights also passed Radiated Emissions and Radiated Immunity Test. It will not cause a radio interference issue since it successfully get R10 TUV E-MARK Approval. 

With the most credible quality backup, thus DB8 will be the most powerful light in the market.

* References:

(1) The cost of R112 R113 E-MARK Approval by TÜV Rheinland is around USD8,000-USD10,000.

(2) The cost of R113+R10+R50 E-MARK Approval by TÜV Rheinland of Brightstar led auxiliary light driving light is around USD25,000.

(3) Why do we choose to verify by TÜV Rheinland? Because TÜV Rheinland is the Most credible Third-party Certification Body in Europe.

Motorcycle led indicator TUV ECE R113 R50 R10 approvals

12 Boxes in one carton One carton
N.W. :
G.W. : 12 kgs.
0.04 CBM
( 43*34*29 CM )


WHAT’S IN THE BOXTwo Lights / Stainless Steel Mounting Bracket Kit / Accessory Kit(Screw, Washer and Hexagon Key)

Q:What Is E-MARK / E-MARK Certification?

A:The E-MARK is an EU mark for approved Vehicles and vehicle components sold into the EU.

Choosing products with E-MARK Certificate is very important if you want to import and sell in the European market.

Because the inspection stations throughout Europe and other countries require this certificate.

Its basically a certification stating that we comply with all the regulations required to sell in the EU.

You cannot self-declare and affix an E-MARK.

But you can get E-MARK approval by certifying authority.

The certifying body will issue an e-marking certificate after inspection and approval of compliance.

LED Light For Motorbike Emark DB6 Aux. Light - Turn Signal

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