Motorcycle Wiring Loom Kit-Premium

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BRIGHTSTARTW High Quality Wire Harness For Motorcycle is specially designed for motorcycles.

Choosing BRIGHTSTARTW perfect universal Wire Harness For Motorcycle can keep your electrical system functioning perfectly for hassle-free riding.

Our Wire Harness For Motorcycle comes with motorcycle cable set with a professional look shrink tubing and 200mm in length, wire set and on/off switch.

Follow our wiring diagram step by step, easy installing directly onto your motorcycle without high technical skill required.

1. With Motorcycle Wiring Loom kit – Make Wiring Your Motorcycle A Breeze!

Are you worried about how to make the auxiliary lights work? BRIGHTSTARTW already considered this problem for riders.

  • The wire Harness for motorcycle can easily connect the Aux. lights to the electronic system.
  • It makes DIY so easy to every one include the beginner.
  • It is an Excellent harness set can wire up easy & work great.

We made an image to show how to make the lights work. Just follow the diagram step by step, you can wire the motorcycle properly and perfectly.

Motorcycle Wiring Loom Kit-Premium motorcycle wiring harness kit connection instruction for riders!

2.High Quality At A Budget-Friendly Price
  • BRIGHTSTARTW Motorcycle wiring loom kit is made of premium materials and safe electric components.
  • It is an universal harness kit can meet the requirements of all customers and also provide great quality at an affordable cost.
  • The price is great, the easiest to install and is REALLY Plug-N-Play!
3.Easy Control With Handlebar Switch 
  • A handlebar mounted push-button switch makes it easy to power-up your lights whenever they’re needed.
4.Universal Use  
  • Fits almost 12-volts applications and it can adjust length according to different type of motorcycles and your needs. 



We also have alternative one with stronger handlebar switch, 

Besides The Premium One, We Have Another Choice Of Standard Option, Check Below Link


motorcycle wiring harness kit connection instruction for riders!

Motorcycle Cable Set Package
Packaging Bag SIZE W22XH29.5CM

Motorcycle Wiring Loom Kit-Premium

WHAT’S IN THE BAG:Motorcycle Cable Set X1 / Wire Set X2 / Universal on/off Switch (Aluminum) X1 / Universal on/off Switch (Plastic) X1



LED Light For Motorbike Emark DB6 Aux. Light - Turn Signal

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