E-MARK & DOT 35W HID XENON BULB 4200K (Stainless Steel Cap) replacement hid bulb

E-MARK & DOT HID Xenon Bulb 4200K 35W (Metal Cap)


Xenon HID bulb 35W Premium Quality with Stainless Steel Cap Design according to the E-MARK Regulation.
BRIGHTSTARTW Taiwan E-MARK Xenon HID bulb to European market had been cooperated with famous brand more than 10 years.

  • TUV E13 Certificate ECE R99
  • Good components for stable quality
  • Long brightness & kelvin remaining
1.Super Brightness

120% more Vision. (20% more light on the road) – 35W HID xenon bulb with Stainless Steel cap design allows for optimum heat dissipation, also upgrade the brightness as well.


3-5% Longer Lifespan. Stainless steel cap keeps the bulb cooling quickly and reduce wear and tear and maximize its lifespan.


Robust Metal Structure Optimal light spectrum. HID bulb for the car can have more Durability & Longer replacement cycle.

4.Beam Pattern

Always replace in pairs to ensure a beam pattern from both Xenon HID bulb on the road.

5.Brilliant Style

35W HIDs bulbs xenon with Stainless Steel cap not only Robust & Bright but also built to enhance the character of your vehicle & will add a stunning, slick style with its brilliant light on your ride.

6.Legal Importation

Automotive HID xenon bulb should be meet ECE Reg. 99 which standard is implemented in European to guarantee the performance & quality.

Only HIDs bulbs carrying an appropriate E-MARK can be used on the road.

BRIGHTSTARTW Taiwan GENUINE E-MARK certificates for HID bulbs approved by TUV Lab, which can provide the REAL E-MARK certificates with your order shipment.

According to the standard, only bulbs are between 4200K- 5000K can be approved. So our E-MARK bulbs range is 4300K & 5000K. Furthermore, D3R&D4R are quite a few quantities on the market; actually, we have the most completed E-MARK bulbs range in Asia market with D1S/D2S/D2R/D3S/D4S.

7.High CP Value

1/3 price compared to Osram. It will make you more profits on the legal basis of the hid bulb for cars. Comparison video of Osram’s HID xenon bulb and ours by a professional lumen tester- integrating sphere:

You could find OSRAM’S E-MARK D2S 4200K HID xenon bulb is 3,448 LM at 2:15 and our BRIGHTSTARTW’s E-MARK 5000K bulb is 3,239 LM at 8:02.

Model Osram E-MARK D2S 4200K Philips D2S 6200 K Japan Only BRIGHTSTARTW’s E-MARK D2S 5000K HP bulb BRIGHTSTARTW’s D2S 6000 K
LUMEN 3,446.73 LM 2,578.08 LM 3,234.70 LM 2,466.38 LM
Time 2:15 4:40 7:22 9:50

For building the trust between European customers and BRIGHTSTARTW, we forward the E-MARK Certificate of BRIGHTSTARTW’s HID bulb for the car with the shipment for reference. 

Full Xenon hid bulb E-MARK certificate documents are only available to our partners for protecting the right of legal importation.



Read More About Standard HID Bulbs 4200K 35W

 Model  Power  Operation Voltage   Color Temperature  Luminous Flux (Estimate) Average Life  Burning Position   Pinch  Base Cap
D1S  35W ± 3W 85V ± 17V 4200K 3200 LM 2500hr Horizontal ± 10% 400°C  180°C  PK32d-2
D2S 35W ± 3W 85V ± 17V 4200K 3200 LM 2500hr Horizontal ± 10% 400°C 180°C P32d-2
D2R 35W ± 3W 85V ± 17V 4200K 3000 LM 2500hr Horizontal ± 10% 400°C 180°C P32d-3
D3S 35W ± 3W 42V ± 9V 4200K 3000 LM 2500hr Horizontal ± 10% 400°C 180°C PK32d-5
D4S 35W ± 3W 42V ± 9V 4200K 3000 LM 2500hr Horizontal ± 10% 400°C 180°C P32d-5
BRIGHTSTARTW E-MARK & DOT 35W HID Xenon Bulb (Metal Base), Always Brings You Safety And Performance.

1.Metal base – More Robust

2.Hexagon Arc Tube, No Glare

3.Excellent Insulation Igniter Design, More Safer

hids bulbs

The BULB Starting Voltage Reaches 23000V.

Very bad irregular solder joint & insulation, caused short lifetime & easily spark. It’s HIDs bulbs are dangerous for the car and life safety.

HID Package
100 PCS / carton 200 PCS / carton
N.W.:  9.7  KG

G.W.:  10.5  KG

N.W.:  7.2  KG

G.W.:   8  KG

57*32*24   0.04 CBM 40*41*22   0.04 CBM

hids bulbs


Q: During The Testing For Luminous, Would The Xenon HID Bulb Position Be Horizontal Or Vertical?

A:Vertical HIDs bulbs

hids bulbs

Q: What Is The Correct HID Xenon Bulb Burning Position?

The burning position of HIDs bulbs shall be horizontal within ±10° with the lead wire down. Aging and testing positions shall be identical. If the gas-discharge light source is accidentally operated in the wrong direction, it shall be re-aged before measurements begin. During aging and measurements, no electrically conducting objects shall be allowed within a cylinder having a diameter of 32 mm and a length of 60 mm concentric with the reference axis and symmetric to the arc. Moreover, stray magnetic fields shall be avoided.

Xenon Bulb For Car D2S Xenon Bulb D2R E-MARK 5K-HP Comparison Video In BRIGHTSTARTW Lab.

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