Motorcycle LED Headlight E-MARK DARKBUSTER E7
Motorcycle LED Headlight E-MARK DB E7 SIZE
Motorcycle LED Headlight E-MARK DB E7
Motorcycle LED Headlight E-MARK DB E7-1
Motorcycle LED Headlight E-MARK DARKBUSTER E7-3
LED Headlight E-MARK DBR E7-5
Motorcycle LED Headlight E-MARK DARKBUSTER E7-4
Motorcycle LED Headlight E-MARK DARKBUSTER E7

Motorcycle LED Headlight E-MARK DARKBUSTER E7

  • Motorcycle LED Headlight with E-MARK & Worldwide Patent
  • World Only One: 7 in 1 Multifunction Motorcycle Headlight
  • High-End Certified Fog Lamp & Front Position Light
  • Wider Visibility for Safe Riding: Exclusive Automatic Turn Sub-Light

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Motorcycle LED Headlight E-MARK DB E7 beam pattern


Motorcycle LED Headlight With E-MARK & Worldwide Patent
  • Motorcycle LED Headlight E7 is tested, inspected and certified by the world’s leading Certification Body – TÜV Rheinland
  • TÜV Rheinland is highly recognized worldwide as a trademark of trust and quality.
  • These innovative lights fully comply with the standard of UN ECE R148 / R149 regulations.
  • Most importantly,E-mark & Worldwide Patent E7 allows YOU legally import, sell and high margin.


Motorcycle Headlight E-MARK DB E7 beam pattern-2



World Only One:7 In 1 Multifunction Motorcycle Headlight
  • Motorcycle LED Headlight successfully integrated 7 light functions and comply with EU regulation and obtain E-mark certificate.
  • E7 includes ECE R149 Passing Beam, ECE R149 Driving Beam, ECE R149 Fog Light, ECE R148 Front Position Light, Daytime Running Light and Automatic Turn Sub-Light.
  • With excellent EMC design!


Motorcycle LED Headlight E-MARK DB E7



World’s Most Valuable:LED Headlight Integrated Approved Fog Lamp
  • Buy Motorcycle LED Headlight E7 , get a Fog lamp!
  • Our Fog lamp chooses 100% Made in Germany Original Osram LED Chip not only for the highest CRI feature but also for the most trustable led chip brand of the world!
  • The Highest CRI means the Best Color Rendering Ability and Best Penetration at Night, Safer Riding.
  • The wide light beam angle of the light provides you max visibility in poor weather.
  • OSRAM Chip ensures the fog lights for motorcycle with High luminous efficacy, more energy saving and Stability & Long lifespan.

Motorcycle LED Headlight E-MARK DB E7 FOG LIGHT



Wider Visibility For Safe Riding :Exclusive Automatic Turn Sub-Light
  • Automatic Turn Sub-Light comes with wider visibility and safer riding on Road.
  • Automatic expansive illumination Zone when you turn left or right, always feel free while Motorcycle night riding!


Motorcycle LED Headlight E-MARK DB E7 TURN SUB-LIGHT



To See & Be Seen:High-End Certified Front Position Light
  • Our front position lamp with Taiwan Ultra Bright LED meets the requirements of ECE R148 optical design and approval.
  • Other road users can extremely easily see the standing-vehicles by such Front Position Light to increase safety riding.





S14.4.2.3 Heat Test
S14.5.1 Vibration Test
S14.6.6.3 Temperature Cycle Test
S14.6.9 Sealing Test
Salt Spraying Test(ASTM B117-73)




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Inside Chip OSRAM Chip

Passing Beam (Low): 18W / Driving Beam (High): 36W / Fog Light: 13W

Position Light: 3W
Turn Sub-Light: LEFT 8W / RIGHT 8W

Color Temperature 6000K±500K
Luminous Flux Passing Beam (Low): 1800 LM
Driving Beam (High): 3600 LM
Fog Light: 1300 LM
Position Light: 300 LM
Turn Sub-Light:
LEFT 800 LM / RIGHT 800 LM
Input Voltage 12VDC / 12-120VDC (OPTIONAL)
Weatherproof IP67
Housing Aluminum Alloy
Operating Temperature -20℃~+60℃
Applications L1e-A/B / L2e / L3e / L4e / L5e / L6e / L7e

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