Electric Bike Lights E-MARK DARKBUSTER E3
Electric Bike Lights E-MARK DARKBUSTER E3-1-1
E Bike Lights E-MARK DARKBUSTER E3 & E4-1
E Bike Lights E-MARK DARKBUSTER E3 & E4-4
E Bike Lights E-MARK DARKBUSTER E3 & E4-3
Electric Bike Lights E-MARK DARKBUSTER E3

Electric Bike Lights E-MARK DARKBUSTER E3 (L1e~L6e Class C)

  • Best Beam Pattern E-mark approved Electric bike light DB E3 includes ECE R113 low beam & Daytime Running Light for your safety riding.
  • This Fabulous EMC Design electric bike headlight is also the perfect EMS & EMI issues terminator.
  • IP67 waterproof e bike headlights provide superior performance in waterproof, dustproof & shock-proof.
  • Electric bike light DB E3 is applicable to e-bike L1e, L2e, L3e(A1), L4e, L5e, L6e & UP TO 11KW/125CC


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Fantastic E-MARK Electric Bike Lights With  R113 Class C Low Beam

Daytime Running Light-E3&E4

  • With E-mark certified R113 Class C low beam and Powerful Daytime Running Light.
  • The E3 – Outstanding Optical Design can bring you More lumens, Less Watts, Less Heat.
  • Come with the best beam pattern and superior visibility for your safe riding.
  • Applied with two-wheel powered vehicle (L1e), three-wheel moped (L2e), and two-wheel motorcycle (L3e) & up to 11KW / 125CC




ECE R10 Approved (EMC Compliance Test)
  • Can operate in an electric environment without interfering with other electronic devices, and without being interfered with other devices.
  • Our electric bike headlight not only complies with the highest Automotive EMC Standards but also pass E-mark ECE R10 (EMC) Approval.
  • Such Fabulous EMC Design E3 is trustworthy.

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R10: https://www.unece.org/fileadmin/DAM/trans/main/wp29/wp29regs/2019/E-ECE-324-Add.9-Rev.6.pdf

Read More: https://brightstartw.com/blog/why-led-driving-light-has-to-perform-electromagnetic-compatibility-approval/



Waterproof Protection Rating IP 67
  • E3 electric bike lights are up to IP67 standards.
  • IP67 electric bike headlight can withstand immersion up to 1 meter.
  • In other words, E3 can provide long-term durability under difficult climatic conditions.
  • Hence, our electric bike headlight can fully meet the rider’s demands.

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Most Robust Electric Bike Lights
  • This electric bike lights owe Super-Rugged & high performance to several excellent materials.
  • For example, the famous European LED chip, a smart driver with Taiwan IC Chip, CNC Machined Aluminum Housing.
  • CNC Machined Aluminum Housing electric bike headlight is rugged enough to handle any terrain.
  • E3 has thoroughly performed much stricter testing requirements than DOT to ensure the brilliant quality and great reliability.




S14.4.2.3 Heat Test
S14.5.1 Vibration Test
S14.6.6.3 Temperature Cycle Test
S14.6.9 Sealing Test
Salt Spraying Test(ASTM B117-73)

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handlebar-mount-bike-headlight-bracket-type-c switch-button-e-bike-power-switch-type-b e-mark-electric-bike-horn



Product Customization Is Possible
  • Our electric bike lights is made by Taiwan.
  • In addition, we can customize electric bike lights to your requirement. For instance: Color, Product Appearance, …etc.
  • If you need OEM and ODM service, welcome to contact us.
  • Don’t miss the golden opportunity to get such ECE-Compliant and fair price lights.

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Inside Chip OSRAM Chip

Passing Beam (Low): 12W
Daytime Running Light: 3W

Color Temperature 6000K±500K
Luminous Flux (Raw Lumens) Passing Beam (Low): 1200LM (300lx)
Daytime Running Light: 200LM
Input Voltage 12VDC / 12-120VDC (OPTIONAL)
Weatherproof IP67
Housing Aluminum Alloy (CNC)
Operating Temperature -20℃~+60℃
Applications L1e-A/B / L2e / L3e(A1) / L4e / L5e / L6e

Electric bike headlight E mark Class C approval

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