Switch Button E-Bike Power Switch (Type B)

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  • Switch Button Type B is Suitable for E-Bike Front Light
  • Ergonomically Designed for E-Bike Rider Use
  • Manufactured to Strict Quality Standards
  • Easy to install

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1. Switch Button Type B Is Suitable For E-Bike Front Light
  • Switch Button Type B is the Power Switch For E-Bike Headlight.
  • This Switch operates On/Off Function of the light.
  • The Switch is a universal fitment and will fit most E-Bike that is fitted with regular 22 mm handlebars.

Switch Button E-Bike Power Switch (Type B) SIZE

Size: mm


2. Ergonomically Designed For E-Bike Rider Use
  • Type B comes with  Simple design, non-destructive installation and easy to operate.
  • You just require to install this switch within easy reach of the cyclist, then the rider can easily manipulated and do not need to distract from the primary task of controlling the E-Bike.
  • Cyclist can easily activate this Ergonomically designed Switch Button when riding.


3. Manufactured To Strict Quality Standards
  • This Part has undergone a rigorous quality inspection to ensure the high quality and high Performance of this important safety category.
  • Our Power switch also pass Salt Spraying Test,  so its UV Light and Corrosion resistance increases and it is tough enough to withstand the harsh environment.
  • Thanks for IP 68 Waterproof Design, this switch can withstand dust, sand, dirt and fit all weather conditions.
  • This switch is made of Durable Robust material to withstand 500,000 use cycles.

Switch Button E-Bike Power Switch (Type B)


4. Easy To Install

Switch Button E-Bike Power Switch (Type B)

  • Easy to install and No Special Tools Necessary During Installation
  • Cable Length: 400 MM, open wire (no plugs)
  • Mounted Position: The Right Side of the Handlebar
  • Compatible With E-Bike Front Light E3



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Switch Button E-Bike Power Switch (Type B) Package
Packaging Bag SIZE W14XH19.5CM

Switch Button E-Bike Power Switch (Type B) Package


Switch X1 / UY2 connector X2

Electric Bike Front Light E-MARK EMC Approval

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