Stem Mount Bike Headlight Bracket (Type B)

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  • Optimal Viewing Angle
  • Quick & Easy To Attach / Detach
  • Strong & Secure& Durable

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Installation of Stem Mount Bike Headlight Bracket Type B



1. Optimal Viewing Angle
  • Stem Mount Type B provides you Two mounting options
  • You can set the optimal height and viewing angle for the headlight according to your requirement.

Stem Mount Bike Headlight Bracket B

2. Quick & Easy To Attach / Detach
  • Suitable for all kinds of headlight.
  • Precise Hole Positions allow wide range use at various E-Bike stems.
  • Quick & Easy to Attach / Detach On Any E-Bike Stem within 3 Minutes!

Bike Headlight Bracket (Type B) size

Size: mm

3. Strong & Secure & Durable
  • We use a much more expensive materials and manufacturing processes than most other mounts.
  • The entire mount is made by a whole piece of high strength Metal,(instead of plastic), so it is very robust and extremely durable.
  • Even if in the face of a large external forces and the rigors of even the toughest outdoor conditions, the Thick and Sturdy Stem Mount with Maximum Durability won’t break so easily.
  • CNC fine craftsmanship Type B is not only tough but lightweight & extremely durable.
4. Black Anodized, Match The Original Design
  • High-quality Stem Mount Type B fits almost any E-Bike Stem and blends seamlessly into the original E-Bike’s Design.
  • Thanks to the Black Anodizing process, dust, sand, dirt and UV light and corrosion resistance increases and its appearance retains for longer.

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Stem Mount Bike Headlight Bracket (Type B) Package
Packaging Bag SIZE W11XH15.5CM

Stem Mount Headlight Bracket Type B


Stem mount X1 / Plus hex bolt M6 (25mm) X1 / Cap nuts X1 /

Washer X1 / spring washer X1 / 15MM spacer X2

Electric Bike Front Light E-MARK EMC Approval

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