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E Bike Light Switch (S4)

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  • E Bike Switch With Indicator Light And Symbol.
  • Lightweight Design With Soft Plastic Push Button.
  • Apply To General Electric Bike’s Handlebar Diameter 22.2mm.
  • Easy To Install And Use.

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E Bike Light Switch With Indicators Light And Symbol
  • E Bike Light Switch with noticeable indicator lights for headlight and turn signal light.
  • 3 in 1 switch to integrate the basic accessories on handlebar for electric bike and bring you a better riding experience.
  • This 3 in 1 handlebar switch features recognizable symbols to easily switch headlight and turn signal light such as a headlight between driving beam and passing beam, turn signal for left or right direction as well as horn.
  • This E Bike Switch is applicable on electric bicycles, mountain bikes, ATVs and other vehicles.
  • Optional voltage 12V / 36V / 48V.



Lightweight Design With Soft Plastic Push Button
  • Lightweight and all black color show a simple design to match with all kinds of bikes easily.
  • Soft plastic push buttons features with nice feel to press and switch functions.
  • The self-locking on/off push buttons to switch driving beam or passing beam for headlight as well as left or right direction for turn signal light.
  • Besides, a momentary (non-lock) push button for horn to press once you need.
  • When you switch to driving beam, the blue indicator lights up to let you know the current light mode you turn on; When you turn on turn signal light with this switch, the green indicator lights up to make sure you emit a correct direction signal.



Apply To General Electric Bike’s Handlebar Diameter 22.2mm

E-Bike Switch S4

  • This E Bike Switch with indicator light can apply to general handlebar diameter 22.2mm for all kinds of models.
  • Dimensions: 52 x 24 x 52mm
  • Besides, it includes 8 core cables with different colors and cable length is 1500mm.
  • Cable defined white wire and yellow wire for headlight; Blue wire, red wire and green wire for turn signal; Orange wire and brown wire for horn; Black wire for ground (GND).

E-Bike Switch S4-SIZE



Easy To Install And Use
  • This 3 in 1 handlebar switch with indicator light is convenient to install and helps you operate smoothly.
  • Make biker activates the switch easily.
  • Enjoy your riding, commute and traveling without too much worry.



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