Headlight Switch E-Bike Function Switch (Type A)

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  • Headlight Switch Type A is Suitable for E-Bike Front Light
  • Manufactured to Strict Quality Standards
  • Ergonomically Designed for E-Bike Rider Use
  • Easy to install

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1. Headlight Switch Type A Is Suitable For E-Bike Front Light
  • High/Low Beam Function Switch For Bike Headlight.
  • IP68 Waterproof Design.
  • This Switch assures dust, sand, dirt, UV Light and Corrosion resistance.
  • Type A is a universal fitment and will fit most E-Bike that are fitted with regular 22mm handlebars.

Headlight Switch E-Bike Function Switch (Type A)


2. Manufactured To Strict Quality Standards
  • With Durable Robust Composite Housing for a long service life.
  • Direct Replacement for proper fit and function every time.


3. Ergonomically Designed For E-Bike Rider Use
  • Cyclists can easily activate the switch when riding.
  • This switch is made of light weight & durable materials to stand up to the constant use.
  • the rider can easily manipulated & not need to distract from the primary task of controlling the E-Bike.

Headlight Switch Function Switch (Type A) SIZE

Size: mm


4. Easy To Install

Headlight Switch E-Bike Function Switch (Type A)

  • Hight Quality ABS Plastic, waterproof and dustproof.
  • Cable Length: 400 mm, open wire (no plugs).
  • Mounted Position: The Right Side of the Handlebar.
  • Compatible With E-Bike Headlights Darkbuster E1/E2/E4/E6.




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Headlight Switch E-Bike Function Switch (Type A) Package
Packaging Bag SIZE W14XH19.5CM

Headlight Switch E-Bike Function Switch (Type A)-packaging


Switch X1 / UY2 connector X2

Electric Bike Front Light E-MARK EMC Approval

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