Headlight For Electric Bike E-MARK DARKBUSTER E6

  • Headlight for electric bike DARKBUSTER E6 is the ONLY ONE headlight in the market which passed the NEWEST E-MARK regulation R148 & R149.
  • The DARKBUSTER E6 has the highest brightness in the market for 1550 lumens & also lower power consumption.
  • Most energy-saving light, with E-MARK Class C certificates.
  • It definitely will become the best cost value option for the high-end S-pedelec E-bike & E-moto.


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Headlight For Electric Bike E-MARK DARKBUSTER E6 icon


Headlight For Electric Bike E-MARK DARKBUSTER E6-1


Headlight For Electric Bike E-MARK DB E6-Position light


Exclusive 4 In 1 Multi-Function High-Performance Headlight For Electric Bike

Headlight for electric bike E6 equipped with high beam (driving beam) & low beam (passing beam), DRL & Position light at the same time.

One DB E6 can support all the functional light for the E-bike & E–moto with just one.


Headlight For Electric Bike E-MARK DB E6 HI LO



E6 Has Passed With The Latest UNECE Light Regulation For R148 & R149 EU Motor Vehicle Lighting & Signaling Devices.

According to the regulation request, ECE L3e shall be equipped with a Driving Beam / Passing Beam & Position Light.

Therefore, DB E6 is the most powerful headlight for an electric bike with the latest E-mark regulation.



IP 68 Waterproof Durable & Reliable

DB E6 headlight for an electric bike is not only high-performance but also wide application.

It can put on E-bike (25km/h or 45km/h), E-Moto (up to 11 KW),  and Motorcycle (up to 125cc) fields.

Also, an optional Wide voltage range (10-72V DC) can easily match various battery voltages!

E6 Light for E-bike with Durable Aluminum Housing is waterproof protection rating IP68 & corrosion-resistant.

E-mark ebike light DB E1 SEALING TEST



EMC Design Without Interfering With Other Electronic Devices

DB E6 has an excellent EMC design.

Not only passed EMC compliance test but quality test.

These headlights for electric bikes can operate in an electric environment.

Therefore no interfering electronic devices & other devices.


ECE R10 Approved (EMC Compliance Test)


R10: https://www.unece.org/fileadmin/DAM/trans/main/wp29/wp29regs/2019/E-ECE-324-Add.9-Rev.6.pdf

Read More: https://brightstartw.com/blog/why-led-driving-light-has-to-perform-electromagnetic-compatibility-approval/




S14.4.2.3 Heat Test
S14.5.1 Vibration Test
S14.6.6.3 Temperature Cycle Test
S14.6.9 Sealing Test
Salt Spraying Test(ASTM B117-73)





Fully application:  Mopeds, Motorcycles, Motor Tricycles and Quadricycles

Ref:  https://www.transportpolicy.net/standard/eu-vehicle-definitions/


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Inside Chip OSRAM Chip / LO:13W / HI:14W


Color Temperature 6000K±500K
Luminous Flux (Raw Lumens) LO:1250LM (330lx) / HI:1550LM (420lx)
Input Voltage 12V DC / 10-72 V DC (OPTIONAL)
Weatherproof IP68 (1M)
Housing CNC Machined Aluminum Housing
Operating Temperature -20℃~+60℃
Applications L1e / L2e / L3e(A1) / L4e / L5e / L6e

Electric bike headlight E mark Class C approval

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